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The journey to find the perfect school for your little one has come to an end.

The journey to find the perfect school for your little one has come to an end.

Book a tour with us today and experience a childcare environment like no other.

Garden Road Montessori is the most incredible school. As parents of young children, we all know the stress of finding the perfect school for our little ones. It has everything you need on offer and more, the staff are amazing, the environment is safe and perfectly suited to building and moulding growing little minds.

What makes our school so special?

When you enter the calm, peaceful environment of a Montessori classroom, 
it may seem quite different from what you’ve come to expect from traditional
educational environments. Here are a few differences you may notice.

Teacher has an unobtrusive role in the classroom

Teacher introduces activities to children and then lets them pursue their own interests, while observing their progress.

Mainly individual instruction

Teachers work one-on-one with children in order to ensure that they fully grasp tasks and activities.

Children select their own experiences, at their pace

Once children have seen the teacher demonstrate an activity at least once, they are encouraged to pursue that activity on their own, to work on figuring it out for themselves.

Mixed-age grouping

The Toddler and Preschool classrooms allows for 2 age groupings (1.5 – 3yr and 3 – 6yrs), so children of various skill levels can work alongside each other, and learning takes place at all different experience levels which is not limited by age.

Children learn from each other

In the mixed-age environment, the opportunity exists for older children who have “mastered” activities to share their knowledge with younger children; learning is enhanced by this positive exchange of experiences.

Child works as long as they want on chosen projects, enabling focus and concentration

Uninterrupted work times allow for a level of immersion that is difficult to achieve when lessons are timed and scheduled.

The teacher guides children toward self-realization and self-correction

Through repetition of activities, children learn to identify and rectify their mistakes, encouraging awareness of their abilities.

Child reinforces learning through repetition and feelings of success

The more a child works on a particular task or activity, the stronger they become, and the more confident they are in their abilities.

What to expect during your visit

The best way to experience our unique atmosphere is to come and visit us. Just as we tailor our teaching to suit each child, we do the same for parents and children visiting us. 

You can book a personal tour with us on any day of the week, giving you a chance to experience a normal school day. We’ll show you around all of our specialist onsite facilities, introduce you to some of the teachers and answer any questions you may have about our curriculum, teaching or school life in general.

A visit will usually take around an hour and is the best way to truly get a sense of how we foster an inclusive, exciting and nurturing learning environment for all the children we teach.

To book a visit, please use the form below.

Covid Compliant Viewing

Booking is essential to comply with COVID regulations.

What our parents have to say

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To book a visit, complete the form below and
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Our tour dates are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 10:00 to 16:00. Our tour duration is 1 hour.

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Garden Road Montessori Pre School offers high quality Montessori based education in a beautifully prepared environment.



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