Live tour of a Montessori toddler classroom in Amsterdam

Want to get some inspiration to include Montessori in your home? Have a look around our classroom in this Facebook Live tour.

This is perfect if you want to: See how we set up our snack area for the toddlers to make their own snack.

Setting up your home for Montessori children

Montessori teacher, Simone Davies, walks you through an easy 5-step approach to set up for your home for Montessori children. For more practical tips on how to bring Montessori into your home, visit​.

Montessori Activities for toddlers

Want to know what Montessori activities to give to your toddler? Which activities are easy to set up and engaging for them? Watch this 3-minute videos to find out 5 types of activities to include in your home. By Simone Davies, The Montessori Notebook. For more:

Montessori at Home: Small Spaces

Kristina and Lara let us take a tour of their Montessori inspired spaces. 50m2 apartment in Amsterdam.

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The journey to find the perfect school for your little one has come to an end.

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